Australian Pink Diamonds provides end-to-end loose pink diamond investment services and education.

This ensures your pink diamond investment experience is a comfortable, expertly informed and easy process.

  • Education


    All of our expert Diamond Consultants are fully trained to GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) standard requirements. It is of the utmost importance to the Australian Pink Diamonds Team that we provide all possible tools and information to pink diamond investors so you have a complete understanding of the coloured diamond market.

    With rapid market fluctuations occurring frequently, the Australian Pink Diamonds team will ensure you receive the latest news and updates surrounding these market changes.

    Please enquire about the 2021 Diamond Investment Guide today

  • SMSF


    Buying diamonds with your Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

    Rare coloured diamonds, are permissible investments inside a Self Managed Super Fund Portfolio (SMSF) and offer many benefits to those who wish to compile a robust and truly diversified portfolio.

    Before buying diamonds within your SMSF you should seek regulated Australian advice. The Australian Pink Diamond company can arrange the creation, management and advice on your SMSF through our network of authorised and approved advisors.

    All assets are held in your SMSF, and there are a several obligations for Trustees who choose to invest in diamonds, art, or other collectibles.

    The main stipulation is that these assets must meet the sole purpose test. In short this means they are held to benefit you in retirement and you can take no personal ownership, benefit or pleasure from them before your preservation age is attained. Some of those obligations include:

    INSURANCE - SMSF trustees must ensure the diamonds are insured in the name of the fund within 7 days of acquisition.

    VALUATION - Valuations must be performed on a regular basis by a qualified independent valuer.

    STORAGE - The diamonds you purchase for your SMSF may not be displayed or stored in your home, nor the home of any related party of the SMSF. This storage requirement has been introduced to prevent SMSF trustees receiving a personal benefit from the SMSF investment.

    Contact us for more information and understand all various requirements to invest using you SMSF.



    Australian Pink Diamonds is recognised as one of Australia's premier stockholders of exquisite coloured diamonds, particularly those sourced from the renowned Argyle region. Our long-standing relationships with select Rio Tinto Diamonds stockholders and authorised partners, including direct partnerships with distinguished ateliers, ensure an unmatched selection and competitive pricing for these precious gems. We proudly stock and have access to an exclusive collection of pink diamonds, including those from highly sought-after Tender and Mini Tender selections, all originating from the famous Argyle mine.



    All diamonds over 0.10ct come with Argyle certification and (or) GIA Certifications; in some cases 0.02ct and above can be accompanied by GIA cert.

    These certificates verify and confirm that your pink diamond is a natural diamond with natural colour (no enhancement of colour) and that the origin is from Argyle, Western Australia.

    Smaller parcels 0.10ct and below come with in-house ‘Australian Pink Diamond’ certification. This certification is provided solely by the Soklich Group.
    Note, that the lot number depicted in each certificate was not assigned to the individual polished stone. The lot number referenced was applied to a parcel that included multiple rough-cut diamonds at the point of sale by Rio Tinto Diamonds NV. The loose rough-cut diamonds are from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. This stone was not processed within the Argyle Pink Diamonds chain of custody program. The stone was not polished by Argyle Pink Diamonds, is not laser inscribed, or accompanied by an Argyle Pink Diamonds certificate and will not appear in the online Diamond Check Service. The Soklich Group is not associated with, approved, or endorsed by, Argyle Diamonds Limited, the Argyle Pink Diamonds TM brand or the Rio Tinto Group of companies in any way.



    Delivery of your pink diamond purchase is available to anywhere in Australia and all purchases over $10,000 AUD will be shipped free of charge.

    Overseas purchases are most welcomed and delivery can be arranged through secured services such as Brinks. The shipping process is a quick and simple one with all goods delivered in 3-5 days whilst being fully insured.

    *Overseas purchases are exempt from Australian goods and services Tax of 10%*



    Perth Safety Deposit Boxes

    Australian Pink Diamonds can also assist with your storage and insurance of your valuables. We have secured a discount with Perth Safety Deposit Boxes for all our customers that wishes to use their storage facility.

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    • Completely private and confidential: Personal; Joint; Trust/Self Managed Superfund and Company accounts available.

    Perth Safety Deposit Boxes continually reviews and upgrades its security policies, precautions, protocols, monitoring and detection systems to ensure the best protection for your valuables.

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    All our diamonds are supplied with certifications such as Lab certification and Certificate of origin.



    Australian Pink Diamonds can assist you in the marketing and resale of all or part of your coloured diamond portfolio.

    Once your mid to long term investment has matured, Australian Pink Diamonds will individually assess each diamond or matched sets to find the maximum sale price to which you will agree before beginning the marketing and resale process. Australian Pink Diamonds will receive a commission on the sale.