Choosing A Diamond

As with any commodity the rules of supply and demand applies.

The reason Argyle Pink Diamonds are so valuable and desired is purely because they are so rare and sought after around the world. So, when choosing an Argyle Pink Diamond as an investment there are a few important key factors to take into consideration which affects the cost of an Argyle Pink Diamond.

Colour / Intensity

The 3 main parameters in regards to colour that needs to be considered when choosing an Argyle Pink Diamond are:


The hue – Hue is the primary colour of the diamond e.g. Pink

The overtone – Overtone refers to a secondary colour that may be present. E.g. Purplish Pink Diamond means the prominent colour is pink and the overtone or secondary colour is purple. On GIA certificates the secondary colour is represented by adding “ish” onto the secondary colour I.e purplish.

Saturation – Colour saturation refers to the intensity of colour represented in the diamond. The intensity level is a very important parameter in regards to Argyle Pink Diamonds selection because the greater the intensity of colour the rarer the stone…and the rarer the stone is, the more valuable the diamond will be.

Please see the link below to the Argyle pink diamond colour guide chart.


Clarity – Unlike colourless Diamonds, Clarity in an Argyle Pink Diamond is not considered as a major selection criteria. The colour saturation and variances of hues, size and shapes are what dictates their value.

Shape – Diamonds can be cut into numerous shapes. Below are a few of the prominent shapes Pink Diamonds rough will be cut and polished into. While round diamonds are the most popular shape for White Diamonds, due to the scarcity of Pink Diamond rough, all shapes should be considered when selecting a Pink Diamond, whether it is to be made into a special piece of jewellery or for an investment purpose.


  • Radiant Brilliant Cut Pink

  • Round Brilliant Cut

  • Asscher Cut Pink

  • Cushion Cut Pink

  • Pear Cut Pink

  • Emerald Cut Pink

  • Heart Cut Pink

  • Marquise Cut Pink

  • Oval Cut Pink

  • Princess Cut Pink

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